Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Okay peeps...maybe some of you have seen this on the tele the other day. As i've mentioned to many...the junction in front of my house is so-called "keras". In Malay it primarily means hard...but in this term it means haunted or in fengshui terms probably spiritually-imbalanced i guess. Everyone who drove me home before i'll tell them to be patient with the lights. Cause you dun wanna play with it here.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Today had movie marathon at Jurong Entertainment. Caught Horton Hears A Who and Spiderwick. Well i wud recommend you peeps to watch HHAW if you feel like a good laugh. Think Blue Sky Studios did a fantastic job not only in the textures/feel and VFX...anyway yea they started off as a VFX expect nothing less than a fantastic job from them, their animation was also very good. The character rigs and dynamics looks good too. Kudos to them. Had a good laugh at it.

Spiderwick was quite good too except i'm abit disturb by the the villian dies. Ahh...what?! Like that?! kinda response. But overall it was alright. Okay, peeps, now for the cinema. Altho it has been renovated of some sort...dun go there to catch your kinda sucks. haha.

The day before, hangout with Zack at Yishun Dam. Usual hangout spot for the nyp rugger brothers since our poly days once we started our biking days. These days it's hard for us to meet on day hours due to work or other priorities on free we kinda have our talks and updates with each other during the wee hours. Zack took out his Yamaha R1'2007 on thursday, so we kinda talk alot about bikes on sat. I kinda like his bike....has a nice sporty colour to it. Tho i'm all soozookee now...for its performance and effortless power. *thumbs up*

Okay im kinda lazy to write anymore, haha, forgive my rudeness. I shall write sumthing more during the week. Have a great monday people! Mondays aren't so bad`

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last week i spoke of clouds and shadows. It didn't come afterall.

It's been awhile since i stand by time waiting the fate of me lies within a few days...and all i cud do was wait in anxiety for what comes next. I still recall the first few times it sucks yea. And you get all nervous and shit.

Somehow now, it's sunken. The feeling. Waiting over the weekends did not feel the need to panic. Did not feel the need to draft an emergency plan B. Basically i did nothing but enjoyed myself, and stick with happy mood that's been all around this year. And i am glad to say the cloud didn't come. We are saved once again. Tho i bet this will not be the last.

However we and i am very optimistic of the greater things to come. We just need that moment. I know we will have it. It's the key that opens all doors and people will come entering for us. Starfish...just wait`

Okay, monday my body was breaking up. I still packed for gym tho. Went to work pretty late. I even missed a meeting in the morning. But one thing i just realise on that day itself...however crappy i feel or the body is, once i'm in the studio, the mood changes. It's the people there which are a-breathing-infectious-happy bug. By end day...i smiled and laughed so much i was all hyped for gym.

Yesterday took the train to studio. Kite Runner's now at chapter 12. I'm getting the hang of my train rides. Gives me time to read and people watch. And another good thing is everytime i ride now it feels fantastic. Cos when you ride everyday...the feeling becomes a little blend you know. So it's a good feeling. Now on days when i ride...i get more kick out of the acceleration...more aggression on the throttle. Fantastic da dey`

Yesterday also had mr.bart's hainanese boneless chicken rice. Meet up wit D'rah at clementi for dinner and we head for avenue two. According to her, that area is called the clementi shopping centre. It didn't look like any shopping mall anyways. Haha. Funny how that estate has three foot reflexology shops. I told D'rah probably clementi people has nice feet. Lol. And also numerous carpentry shops. The place gives you the old school ambience. Saw some people playing beach volleyball too at a caged court which they had. Not bad larh...i always thot clementi was a busy noisy area. I guess there's more than meets the eye. Anyway, the food was great. On the way back we saw a halal hakka yong tau fu shop. Looks nice. Maybe next time.

Okay for those who have not heard of this dude, Adam Fulara, he plays some mean dual neck guitar taps. This one is cool...

Adam Fulara`

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Okay...once again the weekend is over. It's not all bad i guess. Gives me a reason to keep moving thru next week till it comes again. DK was saying the other night about how time flies.

Anyway, this time round i managed to catch my saturday. Went to watch 10,000BC with NoRaid at Lido. I thot it was quite okay, but the ending was kinda horrificly killing the whole mood.

What killed it? Well, basically it's the whole "we have no time but to finish up the movie" cliche ending. The so-called utmost powerful evil villian was taken out just like that...followed by abit of hu-haa here hu-haa there...and okay movie ends. On an artist perspective, i thought the VFX was good. Read the overview development processes from the combined production houses...they did alot of intensive work on the mammoth's hair and well as the sabertooth's fur. You can check it out here.

Kudos to all the CG artistes. Somehow it makes me feel how small and tiny i am in this whole digital industry. But at the same time it makes you realise how complacent you have become and revive the passion and hunger you once felt.

Okay so my take, it's an okay movie. Cause we are spoiled by great epic movies like LOTR and all...anything falls below such standards will not be so likable. Not to mention...story is the utmost importance.

So today sunday, went for Mzshr's wedding with Fau'Z. It was a nice..good atmosphere. You can feel the happiness of it all there. The whole place was jam-packed with relatives and friends. Not to was also a sauna. Me and Fau'Z entered the hall and phew...instantly i shed my first sweat on the forehead. Food was alright. And so we search for Hai'D who was already there and straight away crash the photo taking queueing. Said our wishes and the rest was the norm. Food and chitchats.

Went home afterwards, fell asleep...woke up and rushed to NUS to meet Fan and E'da. We were to catch another foreign screening. Tonight was a Dutch showcase called Phileine Says Sorry.

E'da said the story reminds her of Ally McBeal. It was in some ways. Those wacky scenes where the mind floats uncontrollably...where she gets mad and her head explodes. It was more light headed then the previous one, Tierra. All in all, it was good...except for the starting disturbing visuals of ehem....old grandpas and grandmas. Hahaha. Those who watched shud know. Lol.

Happy weekend...tomorrow will be the start of a happy weekday`

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ladies & gentlemen...have a tic tac` ...i know i am...i'll need it`

Mine doesn't come with two calories per tic tac... how sad`

Anyway, this is one of my favourite sweetooth bites. But it irritates me sumtimes that it is too small to just leave it in your mouth and enjoy the mint. You just gotta bite it...and once you do... you just have to keep popping them in. One of my foolish wishes... a giant tictac!

Anyway yesterday had dinner with D'rah at Zingdo. It's my first time eating korean food. Cos i'm not really an enthu for japanese food, as you know i like my stuff cooked. Years ago when KN and Ulfy brought me to Sakae Sushi...i ordered most things fried or cooked... not much of the raw sensation. So yesterday was not bad...cos the menu showed cooked foodies. Had Bulgogi Garlic Chicken BiBim Bap meal that comes with a bowl of piping-hot Kimchi soup. No idea whatever those uhmm'bop words mean but guess as long as it's's cool wit me`

I felt the food wasn't that spicy...D'rah felt slightly otherwise. Guess i'm used to the chilli abuse from young. haha. Then we head down to IMM for some mochi but no more mochi there. Saw some cool watches tho...uhmm...shall rephrase that... saw some unaffordable cool watches tho. Anyway April's coming... so you know what to do. Lol`

Today while spartan'ing at the gym in NIE...eCar text me. She passed her Italian test, which she accidentally booked for a tougher level exam. She sends her gratitude for the support. Bravo! felice per voi...`

And so today DK came in at five plus with quite a disheartening news. I promised myself 2008 wud be a happy year...and my god it has been naturally, without any force... chill happy vibes everywhere. And every week it keeps getting higher and higher... like mr hippie meets ms weed. But now with the latest news...i forsee the clouds are coming. Now this is going to be quite a storm for me especially when i'm not ready for it at the moment. Hopefully everything goes thru in the next few days or i have no choice but to accept a tough break next month. The irony ...having a break can be so tough.

Happiness comes with a price... as with everything in life`

Saturday, March 08, 2008

So today is saturday...and i feel as if i missed it totally.

Had two missed call in the morning...a msg from D' another missed call sumtime after noon. All happened while i was heavenly K.O'ed. So today went to collect some stuff from Queensway and then chopped some hair in Woodlands. Pretty much that's my saturnight... cos i missed the whole day. All bcos i was drained out by the Incubus concert the night before.

I had not feel so drained in a concert before...first time for everything. Incubus was good as usual. But sumthing just lack in the concert yesterday...probably the stage-audience engagement. Aid agreed with me on that. So does her frens. They did their thing on stage and yeah that's about it. Brandon Boyd even has his conga and bongo facing the back when he wud be cooler if you cud face the front. At least we cud see your percussion charisma ey!

Okay, back to the draining thing...was the moshpit. It usually isn't this bad. Yesterday was kinda bad. People just dun care about who's who. It's like..."Oh fcuk, if she can't breathe it 's none of my fcuking business..." kinda thing. As usual...alot of people needed the rescueing of the crowd bouncers. I was standing behind Aid and her fren when the first wave of body came crushing all of us to the front...i tried to protect her as much as i can till i got swept away in the wave...all i cud do then was hope she'll find a good spot for herself. I on the other hand...against the forces of the body of people landed in the center front of the whole moshpit. Not so bad huh. Lol. All in all i enjoyed my time there. But somehow the whole thing was very draining. haha.

Well, guess it's been awhile since i did all those teenage-rebel things that used to be a casual thing in the past. The coming of age i'd say. On another note, the band that opened for them was Saosin.

I thot their stage presence was much better than incubus cos it's like that feeling you know...they had us on stage with them. Incubus was more like they're up there we're down here. Well yea...somehow you hear more of a complain huh. haha. Anyway it's not all bad. I did landed center front. Lol. So yea..had great company had quite a good concert. Thanks to Aid for getting me the tix way back in December i think, if i'm not wrong. *thumbs*

Okay...tomorrow will be my friend's about that huh...asked to be the best man two days before. Now i'll just have to go spontaneous tomorrow then. Just hope i won't be late for all the pre-plannings. Have a good Sunday people`

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Olaa...feeling abit european spirited. haha`

Happy vibes.

Yeah i know...abit outdated this blog has been. So many things done and happened yet no writings. Okay where should i start. Last month went for the airshow with Fan..Ulfy..E'da..L'in..D'rah. We had a blast...tho we crash the party after the show. One thing with events such as can never run perfectly. What i mean is, you should see the crowded bottleneck of human bodies trying to vacate the area...if i was a giant, i'd have a healthy lunch just by scooping tiny humans into my mouth ...and i dun have to even run and chase. Yeah imagination gone wild...haha..but who cares...happy vibes.

Happy vibes.

Okay so we missed the airshow, but the showcase didn't fly off tho. We reached there at three, and there's still alot of visitors coming and going. I'm not really into planes...flying still gives me the little chilly feeling...and the thing that irritates me the most are the earblocks. But there were a few planes that i thot were cool. There's one that D'rah told me to get for her...called the Gulfstream. That baby cost 15million the pilot quoted me. If i have 15million no problems honey...but you gotta pay the parking coupon tho. Lol` As we circle around, I saw another plane that opens the cockpit like a Lamborghini this baby cost probably close to a million S'pore dollars. Tho it's not as big and fancy as the Gulfstream, it looks like a sleek sporty air version of a sportscar. haha. they say "some dreams come true"

My mum's washing machine spinner`

A model plane`

Either that's a new afterburner...or pity the fella that scrubbed it for the show`

Leaving on a jet plane`

"Check out that babe man"... "yeah she's hot"...

If your fren almost dropped your phone into the drain... do this to him on the next photo`

Charlie's angels?`

"How do we fix this back?...told ya it's not styrofoam"

You should see his plane...the seat is low-cut`

Ferrari plane`

"You sure this is the one honey?"... "Yeah"...

"Hey Bill, prepare the legal papers and call the bank... we're buying this one"


Airwolf on the right...Airwolf Jr on the left`

The new A380 Airbus`


Three filled stomach`

Another three filled stomach... 3 + 3 = 5!`

Happy vibes.

Well spent the whole day with the peeps. The Sunday after went to watch Kite Runner with the bro...which i have read two chapters of the book. Now i know why they say read the book first before the movie comes out. Cos as of's still at chapter two. Lol. Okay shall try to finish it. I like the was kinda sad how everything evolved. It gives you a sense of happiness these characters get despite all the bitter and sadness of life that never seem to leave. Bittersweet. This movie reminds me of Colour of Paradise, the Iranian film. Well good movie. At least it's good for me.

Kite Runner`

Happy Vibes.

Then moving on two days later on tuesday went to watch Juno with Fan, E'da and D'rah. Ahh...sweet comedy. Nice. Some of the soundtracks you'd be probably be listening to right now on my happy list. One thing about this movie that is sweet would be the fact that it portrays a teenage couple that is not your typical favourite high skool celebrities. It plays along a story of a more ordinary high-skool lovers. The girl is not the typical cheerleader...and the guy has quite a dorky personality. But everything about it is nice and sweet. If you want to move away for awhile from those typical blockbuster genres...pick this one if it's still available. As requested by eCar...i shall put up Michael Cera and Ellen Page's version of Anyone Else But You. For you larh... a thousand times over`


Happy Vibes.

Okay last sunday went out with yeah again the superheroes trio...haha. Headed to NUS for a screening called Tierra. Means Earth in spanish. It's been awhile since I watched these non-mainstream foreign films. Used to watch it alot back in the old days with Red and Saddique. One thing you'll learn to appreciate in these kinda films is the story...most are twisted in many ways. You can never expect a predictable ending. And that's a good thing. And most times, you'll never agree with the moral values in it. I guess it's bcos of the cultures that we are alien'll never see such things in our society. It's makes you think and wonder. Enjoyed the movie...and i must say, love it when you can stretch bent fold your legs while watching the show. Haah`


Happy vibes.

Today...which is yesterday by two hours. Lol. Went to catch Persepolis with D'rah at Vivo. It's the first time i'm watching sumthing in cinema europa. They have a nice useful tabletop in between seats...not bad. The movie was cool. So much CG 3D stuff these days it's nice to watch sumthing different at times. It's a 2D animated film. With 3D effects in layers and cinematics. Also artistic 2D cut-out sorts too. Bravo to the production and story crew. Nicely done. Appreciate the efforts. The story is based on an Iranian girl growing up in tough times of war and revolution. Interesting story and adaptation. It's good...thumbs up from me. Then we had dinner at Fiq & Olive...okay gonna blow away the carbs tomorrow at the gym. Lol` Brave to eat must be brave to burn. Sparta retreat no surrender. haha. Okay, can't remember the last outdated time i ate at f&o. Well...whatever it is...if there's chicken, it's sweet enough for me. *thumbs*


Happy vibes.

On another note, TIP family will be moving real soon in two weeks time to our new home in Redhill. Which reminds me...i need to get boxes ready for all my barang-barang and toys. Recently, bought a remote-controlled airplane...nice seeing the little fella flying around in the studio but it keeps hitting the ceiling and blown down...crash-landing by the air conditioners. hahaa. Well, looking forward to the new studio...super high area size of an indoor street soccer court. Now that's a better airzone. Lol. Well no point buying the Gulfstream if dunno how to fly it. Practice makes helps knowing an aircraft engineer too. Haha. Okay peeps...till next writing, stay happy`

Happy vibes.