Sunday, April 08, 2007

I will really need some coffee for this.

Chapter ONE: Nervous writer`

Lately i can't sleep much...perhaps it was the flu and the runny nose, then there's the cough. Weather is kinda hot these days, even tho it rains on some days. With the flu almost out of the way, the troubled nights still lingers in the air. These shoulders feel heavy as if the world is my burden to carry.

I pray to God for things to turn better in months to come. It's the uncertainty of things that scatters pieces of me around. I know i was warn about this before but i chose it anyway cos it's sumthing i have always wanted to do ever since i started to go on the search of finding myself. Now that I'm on this current journey, whatever happens i have to make it work.

How ironic this feels, things are so high...feels like i'm surrounded with balloons and clouds. On the other hand...the party might just end and, lights out. Hope more balloons and clouds will be blown this way.

Chapter TWO: The Trade`

I invested in a new baby recently. It's a gixxer...the latest addition to the suzuki family in 2007. Yet to find a name.

I had enough of the crap that i had to deal with a second hand bike...altho i enjoyed much fun with the yamaha r1, it has bring me alot of unnecessary medical bills as well. Recently it got kidney failure, as zul wud put it...sumthing like that. I gotta send it for dialysis every few months for engine repairs if i was to keep it. Or i cud spend a whole lot more to get the core problem fix....but with such a huge bill, is it worth it for a seven years old machine?

Initially i kinda decided to hold up the interest...uhmm not sure if hold is the right word. Had thots of quitting... or holding.. or whatever it is, just sell the bike off and go public. I know! it will need alot of adjusting cos i'm so used to the easy travelling. This wud mean earlier set-off in order to be punctual...which can i add has been so much better in 2006...this year it's kinda slipping back to the old habits. Gotta buck up on that.

Okay the thing is, i went all over the seems almost everywhere i go no shop wants to buy back the bike. Feels shitty. And i just cudn't find the heart to sell it off to individuals cos i will have to do all the lying then right. I think there are enough cut-throat salesman out there...just cudn't bare to join the club. And so i grab the best price i can for the trade in. Took awhile to make the decision...and a whole lot of planning. And decision made.

Chapter THREE: Screenings`

Went to watch 300 last month, the formation fights brought back alot of memories. Days where Noi wud say "Push!" the the plight of the forward pack charging the scrum forward in a deadlock-head battle. Those rugby days...magnifico. Watched it twice, second with zul and his free tix...thanks dude. Under the watchful eyes of mr.meteor, the vfx specialiste...he said so much blood but the ground is so powdery clean. Anyhow, my take is, great stuff.

Watched tmnt a week back, the story i'm not much for it there. Cos i grew up watching the catchy turtles sitcom cartoons...the dark comic one just doesnt get to me. Altho, when batman begins appeared, yes i liked it so much better than those cheesy old ones...but the turtles just dun cut it. Maybe the dark image is okay, perhaps the story wasn't good enough to my liking. Altho, i have to agree with the animation specialiste bunch, the animation looks great.We sat in the hall and wait and glimpse thru the credits. One thing Dave taught us is to appreciate the work and talent of the people who were once like us too. And so we did. My verdict, enjoyable.

Yesterday caught the reaping. Or is it the reaper? Okay let's stick with the reaping. Fan has a point, it does reflect alittle of how M.Knight Shaymalan wud think thru his twisty plot in a story. The story was has ideas. Hilary Swank was was the little girl. Effects quite cool. Well, if you're gonna watch it anyway, go ahead.