Monday, July 10, 2006

Hey again, it's been awhile...

Guess i've been real busy these few weeks. Though, i'm liking the days as they pass by. No more negative vibes bringing me down these days. Feels great. Told myself to work less, learn more, and chill out this later half of the year...and i think i'm moving along it pretty well.

School has started, so it's back to teaching on tuesdays to fridays in the later half of the day. Somehow it doesn't really bother me much, going to these regular schools and yap-yap-yap yapping all the way with the youngsters. They 'n me, we're cool. It's cool when i get to out and stay away from politics and piles of work in the office. This is where the first mindset less, stay away from a cluttered mind where the office would be a suitable place if you want it.

Anyways, school has started for me...finally i'm in the elite group of inspiring cg artistes to be. Glad I talked to Dave at the exact time where this opportunity was about to open...he pulled me in. Can't describe how much gratitude I have for him. And so, the singapore animators connection (SAC) worked so hard in getting us a sp.dip in 3d animation and vfx. Sounds cool? well, the classes are even better. The peeps are okay so far...but still needs more warming up i guess. Guess when they're used to my crap, the chemistry will be great.

I will be working closely with Adrian of the instructors we're having for classes. Should see his works, amazing...his topology studies and rigging are great. Well, when you have the best peeps in the industry training you...all is needed now is hardwork! So this is where the second mindset is...learn more, will put all my extra time in learning well to be a good rigger. And did i mentioned we're visiting Lucasfilm Singapore this coming wednesday...kawaabangaa!

Ok, now we're down with the last mindset, chill out. Well, i guess i'm more relaxed these days...mum's back on her cheery side again whenever she converses with me. No more cautious cautious words...all out with the nagging...uhmm, this only applies to my room messy'ness ya...haha. When i get down to work at know larh, gadgets need wires...and when you plug too many have too many wires here and there...Lol. Then there's the jokes...the first joke she cracked with me was on Kak Lyn's so called to-be sis-in-law. So we joked around with Zul, me brother, me and mum had a good laugh at him that day. sweet~ :)

I've not seen Rose for quite awhile, wonder how she's doing. Anyway, the crazy bunch at work keeps me sane during the days...if i get to choose, I choose for all bosses to be away, then we all can sit and talk crap whole day...not to forget...gossip gossip. Lol.

The funky family bunch however, keeps me crazy on weekends. We always plan so much stuff but ended up having our usual coffee talks. How one drinks coffee at the table! Lol. Met the guys today...nisa had her chunky salad...looks delicious. Think they gave her an extra added cheesy top today. Ulfa had her cheese burger meal with mcFlurry...shared it wit her notorious niece, niesha. She's a great 3yrs old actress i tell ya. Eirfan got a taste of her sad-instant-happy trick. Lol. Fan had his mcspicy 'n double choc frappy, while i had foldover 'n the usual... vanilla. After so much lame jokes...we headed over to esprit...thanks to nisa's magic card... got myself a watch. It's been wad...5 years i think since i wear one.

I'm on my way... to the old maday.