Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last week i spoke of clouds and shadows. It didn't come afterall.

It's been awhile since i stand by time waiting the fate of me lies within a few days...and all i cud do was wait in anxiety for what comes next. I still recall the first few times it sucks yea. And you get all nervous and shit.

Somehow now, it's sunken. The feeling. Waiting over the weekends did not feel the need to panic. Did not feel the need to draft an emergency plan B. Basically i did nothing but enjoyed myself, and stick with happy mood that's been all around this year. And i am glad to say the cloud didn't come. We are saved once again. Tho i bet this will not be the last.

However we and i am very optimistic of the greater things to come. We just need that moment. I know we will have it. It's the key that opens all doors and people will come entering for us. Starfish...just wait`

Okay, monday my body was breaking up. I still packed for gym tho. Went to work pretty late. I even missed a meeting in the morning. But one thing i just realise on that day itself...however crappy i feel or the body is, once i'm in the studio, the mood changes. It's the people there which are a-breathing-infectious-happy bug. By end day...i smiled and laughed so much i was all hyped for gym.

Yesterday took the train to studio. Kite Runner's now at chapter 12. I'm getting the hang of my train rides. Gives me time to read and people watch. And another good thing is everytime i ride now it feels fantastic. Cos when you ride everyday...the feeling becomes a little blend you know. So it's a good feeling. Now on days when i ride...i get more kick out of the acceleration...more aggression on the throttle. Fantastic da dey`

Yesterday also had mr.bart's hainanese boneless chicken rice. Meet up wit D'rah at clementi for dinner and we head for avenue two. According to her, that area is called the clementi shopping centre. It didn't look like any shopping mall anyways. Haha. Funny how that estate has three foot reflexology shops. I told D'rah probably clementi people has nice feet. Lol. And also numerous carpentry shops. The place gives you the old school ambience. Saw some people playing beach volleyball too at a caged court which they had. Not bad larh...i always thot clementi was a busy noisy area. I guess there's more than meets the eye. Anyway, the food was great. On the way back we saw a halal hakka yong tau fu shop. Looks nice. Maybe next time.

Okay for those who have not heard of this dude, Adam Fulara, he plays some mean dual neck guitar taps. This one is cool...

Adam Fulara`


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