Sunday, March 16, 2008

Okay...once again the weekend is over. It's not all bad i guess. Gives me a reason to keep moving thru next week till it comes again. DK was saying the other night about how time flies.

Anyway, this time round i managed to catch my saturday. Went to watch 10,000BC with NoRaid at Lido. I thot it was quite okay, but the ending was kinda horrificly killing the whole mood.

What killed it? Well, basically it's the whole "we have no time but to finish up the movie" cliche ending. The so-called utmost powerful evil villian was taken out just like that...followed by abit of hu-haa here hu-haa there...and okay movie ends. On an artist perspective, i thought the VFX was good. Read the overview development processes from the combined production houses...they did alot of intensive work on the mammoth's hair and well as the sabertooth's fur. You can check it out here.

Kudos to all the CG artistes. Somehow it makes me feel how small and tiny i am in this whole digital industry. But at the same time it makes you realise how complacent you have become and revive the passion and hunger you once felt.

Okay so my take, it's an okay movie. Cause we are spoiled by great epic movies like LOTR and all...anything falls below such standards will not be so likable. Not to mention...story is the utmost importance.

So today sunday, went for Mzshr's wedding with Fau'Z. It was a nice..good atmosphere. You can feel the happiness of it all there. The whole place was jam-packed with relatives and friends. Not to was also a sauna. Me and Fau'Z entered the hall and phew...instantly i shed my first sweat on the forehead. Food was alright. And so we search for Hai'D who was already there and straight away crash the photo taking queueing. Said our wishes and the rest was the norm. Food and chitchats.

Went home afterwards, fell asleep...woke up and rushed to NUS to meet Fan and E'da. We were to catch another foreign screening. Tonight was a Dutch showcase called Phileine Says Sorry.

E'da said the story reminds her of Ally McBeal. It was in some ways. Those wacky scenes where the mind floats uncontrollably...where she gets mad and her head explodes. It was more light headed then the previous one, Tierra. All in all, it was good...except for the starting disturbing visuals of ehem....old grandpas and grandmas. Hahaha. Those who watched shud know. Lol.

Happy weekend...tomorrow will be the start of a happy weekday`


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