Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Guutta Morning!

Of mornings and boredom...came to work early today da! Complete alot of stuff yesterday so today have alot of cleaning up to do...edit animators' stuff...clean up rigs...update shots... uhmm...lunch! haha. Well here's the toy factory in the morning...

Untidy as usual...just look at the mess behind the board`

All the heli plane car and its controllers... 'n the two warriors... not sure what to do with this space tho`

Fridge ppl...one big happy family`

To the left...kev 'n all his toys`

To the right... Silhoutte A'cher 'n the toys`

Monday, July 28, 2008

For those who needs motivation...
July '08 Limited Edition Motivational Poster, enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ahh okay...eRn beep me in the middle of the afternoon with this discovery as she was signing into gmail the other day... haaha`

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Okay folks...this blog has been out fer some time...how about some coffee talk updates yea`

Been quite busy lately...kinda juggling a few projects at the moment in the studio. Not easy being the only rigger in the shed ey. With two of the sifus busy...one handling the production pipeline and out of these world requests by the client; and the other pre/production of an upcoming project...hey mr.starfish...all yours. P to the E to the N.A.T`

Nonetheless.. nothing beats coming to homely playground everyday ...makes every morning a day to wake up for. Tho, i shall complain about myself slightly here... kinda feeling the me within being alittle complacent. And it bothers me. The other day had a small general conversation with A'Cher about how we should always do sumthing new and different. Maybe we screwed our arses to the high backrest chair too long we get too comfy. Perhaps so?

On other counts...today came early to open the studio for the cleaning lady and yeah she came late... won't blame her tho, cause on some occasions she has to wait for the late me. Guess today she guessed wrong. Well not that i'm playing hide and seek with her...haha, just that you know...some mornings. But late or early i'll go for my morning spartan!

Went for Hafiidz' wedding on Sunday...great wedding i wud say. Well, you dun get to be Jat Ali's son and not have a big wedding do you. Alot of Harley Davison peeps there too. Friends of the dad probably. And on the field beside the whole ceremony, was this show by some Kuda Kepang group. I'm no Boyanese, so i dun forsee any of these at my wedding i guess, and i can tell ya i'm not into it either. These kinda things just freaks me out. People being possessed and eating glass... reaping coconut husks with their teeth...being whipped and not responding to any pain. Gosh, freaky. No thank you.

Talking about matrimonies...Lyn's getting engaged this sat and Herman's wedding the next day. Being this age i guess it's a season. Haha. Was talking to Rainee about this season thingie on early wee monday... what a pleasant surprise, saw her name on my msn. Was thinking about people whom i've met and talking to Red and Ulfy about it the other day...and yeap had a thot of her and wallah, a day later there she was on my screen. haha... cool`

Probably if i think hard enough about people i wish to meet they'll appear...who knows, special powers unknown. k fine, pipe down the imagination. Lol.

Okay just remembered what i initially wanted to write about...went to watch Kung Fu Panda today with the studio peeps. Fantastic! Bravo to all the crew...great job. The animation style was fantastic...the renderings and matte paintings were detailed and of quality. And the characters...they look gooood. The rigs are worth to watch. Fluid body movement and facial expressions....great dynamics. I sat and counted the character technical directors...thot i saw nine...but Elly pointed more. But all in all not a big number...yet the stuff are great. In Tiny we have only three including me...wonder how are we gonna cope if we do a feature...Lol.

Think this is one of their best works so far, Dreamworks. Recommended to watch if you're even a teeny weeny bit thinking about it.

On other note, went to watch Missing Star, an italian film, the week before. It was the opening screening for the Italian Film Festival here in Spore. I love foreign film but... this movie, gosh, it's darn draggy and boring. Haha. eRn fell asleep at some point even. Haaha. But thanks anyway eCar for getting us the tickets. eRn and me were kinda late but in time for the movie fortunately.

Now this is more like a hide-and-seek. Lol. My phone batt was flat, and so i tried minimising the calls. eCar and Ms.Joyous were already at cathay, here i am waiting for eRn at dhoby ghaut control station and her waiting for me across the street. Haaha. Sorry babe. And the phone not receiving signals made it worst. Ya larh, iPhone it is then. Lol.

Alrighty then, shall leave ya with a pic of crockee bought the other day. Till next time... Stay happy`

Bought this while hangin' out with Red & Ulfy the other day... now sitting comfortably at Joycey's desk.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Brother...

"See you in the stars"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Day! ...and so is mine`

Got a call from D'rah fifteen minutes into the date when i was about to sleep. Thanks for the b'day wish. Today woke up great...reached studio around tenplus and there sitting on my desk, a potted plant and a present wrapped. A gift from Ulfy and KN. Luv ya guys. Thanks a mill!

Ahhh...in conjunction with Gaia's b'day...how thotful of them. Msged them to ask how many times a day do i have to water "Rowanda"... yeah fine...since it's gonna be stuck with me, might as well be identified...and Ulfy was first to reply. She said once a day will do and added, "Eh, but it did come with the table lamp right?". And i go..."Ohh, so it's a table lamp huh? I haven't open it yet." Surprise...surprise` Lol.

Then many wishes came by...thanks for all the wishes people. Appreciate it a million times. Gazza then remind me of the lunch i'm having with him and Fareet. Marv came along as well. He came to hand me the big day invitation card. Thanks for the card...very thotful. Am splendid'ly happy for him. I knew him back then when i was still studying...now he's getting married. How time flies. Okay ppl, that doesn't mean u gotta start asking me the question! Lol.

When i got back after lunch, there it was...another wrapped gift. This time humongo. Sitting patiently waiting for me.

This was taken after i shifted it to the floor. So if u knew already.... i opened presents like i'm seven. Hahaha. Eyes wide with glee and anticipation. But i tahan myself for one hour then i started reaping it open. Lol. Thanks to the TIP family!!! haha...what's new in the studio right, we are all crazy about toys. So it was an semi-automatic rapid fire nerf gun. Now there's two nerf guns already in the studio...soon we gonna have a nerf-dart war`

Thanks to the guys who bought me this yummay'licious bagels from Chewy Junior...damnit, the apple-thingy one is such a treat.

It's from Chewy Junior...sumwhere near the atm in bugis junction.

In the evening...took my folks out for dinner. It was a better earth day than last year i feel. Thank you so much peeps.

Last week, met the AnL peeps for dinner at Paragon. So sweet of the family to write me a b'day card...even after a year. One thing u must remember in life, when u leave a place...u abandon the work there... but u carry with u the friendship made wherever u go. And so, thanks for the wishes guys...appreciate it` Merci.

eCar brought for me the present which she surprisingly told me what it was back in March. Thanks ya! Lol.

Batik painting...*grin*. I've never received one for myself in my entire life. I only paint for others before. A first ever batik painting of my own. Thanks eCar! so cool...Grazie`

Thanks people for the cool and hilarious company...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Okay peeps...maybe some of you have seen this on the tele the other day. As i've mentioned to many...the junction in front of my house is so-called "keras". In Malay it primarily means hard...but in this term it means haunted or in fengshui terms probably spiritually-imbalanced i guess. Everyone who drove me home before i'll tell them to be patient with the lights. Cause you dun wanna play with it here.