Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hey guys...

I'm feeling abit sappy these days. Just today i told eka i woke up feeling great; which i did. Then Felix passed me this song...number one on my track...Better Days. I kept listening to it and i started feeling sappy dappy. What do i feel? i feel sad days coming`

Same thing i do each day...i come in to the office, settle down. Help my friends look at their troubles and problems...help solve or give solutions and advice...then sat whole day writing my notes. eka came with her ice-cream and lois with her pao...sat and we joke like always.


What do i feel? i feel sad days coming`

In life we always find things or someone we love, but not everything has an ending...but somethings are meant to be...it's the way life's been written. We don't see it....i know i don't but it'll arrive to us one day. Felix and I were laughing about slogans to put in his graduation video for the spore sports school's graduating class students. He said better days are never forgotten...

i guess better days will soon be forgotten...not totally, but it remains vaguely in our minds. Though...one thing i know will remain forever afresh in our minds...the people who touched our hearts that day, their faces... kept like a slow moving picture spinning and spinning...round and round...and we know we shall never forget...


What do i feel? i feel sad days coming`

Today i kept writing my notes...writing and writing...till it past midnight. And i looked around...there behind me, Astley. Just the two of us left in the office. Just like old times...like old times. So many people come in and out of the office each day...so many came and left...but no one else worked as long and late as us. Not that we don't manage our time properly, too much things to do is an understatement, but it's none of those... it just feels like home there... with no one to bug you for things...work just keeps flowing and flowing like rivers thru caves. And we like that...alittle peace. And who would say, "off your music". And jokes are always cracking...nowadays not much...but never fails to hear one lame joke, always...


What do i feel? i feel sad days coming`

Eka said she'll give me a super nice basket before she leaves for Italy. I like the thought of that. Not the basket... Italy. I always waste my efforts on my super-fuel-hungry high maintenance girlfriend. I promised some frens i'll stop spending on her. I will. I admire Eka for her thrifty'ness. Italy...just the sound of it...nice. Soon who's gonna fill me in with the stories...gossip (Lol)...like you always do. I'm sorry...i'm not strong enough to kayuh our small little sinking sampan any longer. My hands are tired...think it's time i'll float with the currents. Hope you'll reach shore soon. But one thing i'll treasure...the better days. Tho, in time those days shall fade but one thing will forever stay afresh in all of our minds... always...

Always. i feel.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hey peeps... sorry for those who are always there for me and to know what's been going on in Maday's little corner of the world.

Life's been alittle busy last few months as i've finally come to the end of my specialist course at NP. It ended last saturday...30th december 2006, and how sad it is that i won't be able to often see those peeps i always meet on monday and wednesday nights...not to forget the bunkin in class on saturdays too. But for every ending, is a new beautiful beginning. It's like ended 2006 with hardship together...now 2007 is a chance for everyone to start afresh and living our dreams.

It's no joke...kicking off as newbies in the CG industry is not easy, especially when opportunities are like gold-dust. And where can you find one? Tho, i would like to express my gratitude and super-humongo thanks to Dave, Adrian, Sean, Alvin, Chi Wei...who were always there to camp their hours with us and not for a second holding back on anything they could thot of they could teach us. And thanks to Dave for all the opportunities he could grab and throw at us...

One of my wish for 2007, is to see everyone making it happen...for ourselves...for the SAC family` Kawabangaa!

Went out with Rose two weeks ago. First time we met was also during the christmas season when her sis-in-law was having a baby. It's been a while...and so many stories to share. It's nice catching up after so long. I will take you to that makan place i've been saying...have my word on that. Lol`

Met the FFB peeps on friday. We had the ritual thingy again this year...nah, nothing that ritualistic...just a thing we do each year to give eveyone some hope and to achieve somthing good in the new year. As usual, we bought each other something nice...if not nice, at least practical larh right? haha. This year, ok i stop my nonsense gifts for the moment larh...so got everyone a very practical massager in shapes of animals. Batteries not included! except for testing. heh` For eirfan, no animal for him...sumthing more to his inner self. wahaha. And as usual, one will keep track of another's resolutions for the year. Well, i did kinda sucky for last year...achieving one outta five. Well, this year we kept it slightly achievable...kept it to three resolutions. I think i should be able to cap all of them this year round. Let's be hopeful`

Anyways, took a super needed break from work. Been like forever wanting to do it. Even so, had things to do or things to think about...work work work when was about to do it. However, i did myself the favour and finally just block everything off and enjoy the freedom. Feels great. Feels good. Feels hooyahh!`

okay i gotta pee, shall write more soon. Here's a small part of my showreel i've come up with testament of everyone who has put their full belief in my commitment and abilities...THANK YOU SAC`