Monday, July 23, 2007

[25th July '07]

These days.

I've been on the walk these few weeks and it's been awhile since i people watch. I shall not use the word people. WE are kinda ignorant these days aren't we. The other day i was strolling to work in bugis passing by this cool pub cafe called blu jazz too. They just opened up. There, standing in the middle of the walkway was a girl sweeping the leaves of the front of the pub. There was this pretty lady. I've seen her a couple of times walking to work i supposed. The girl was kind enough to stop sweeping...tho, the pretty just walk on top of the bunch of leaves. I'm sure she was sorry. But it's those times that we take things for granted. Hoping the other person to hear our silent 'excuse me'. I too wud have done so if i didn't observe hard enough. It just takes a soft 'sorry' to pop a smile.

She smiles.

I went to work on sunday. Yea, no choice...this particular deadline i can't miss. So i drummed on the pc till eight monday morning. Now here i am in the middle of the busy world getting ready to start while i'm on my way to retire for the morning. The thing about taking the train at bugis is being canned like tuna with the eastside people heading to town. Ironic. On the way to the station, u can actually feel the rush if u walk slow, think slow, no time to chase, no destination to conform. Cause u can see how people force themselves to work, their obedient yet straight expressions, their timid yet agressive walkcycles. the fear of losing time and being late. Well i was them once too. Maybe someone was watching my every movement then. Maybe that's how the world defines normal now. What the heck, even if i dun have to move like everyone else at eight in the morning, i sure chasing time for completing my stuff didn't i. Coming back on a sunday....who am i kidding. I guess in many ways we are tangled into the same web.

The same we are.

[28th July '07]


Well i went all tired and sleepy on the previous entry that i just shut off the pc and crash in. Yesterday i got the news that my bike has arrived. Initially i wanted the orange/black edition and according to some resources there has been new shipments on it. But my shop still giving me the frustrations of not getting it from the agent and all sort. I have made some comparison and i have decided to settle with the all black edition as it looks as good anyway. So here she is.

I will be collecting this baby on wednesday....but i might wanna postpone it to saturday as to avoid the first day of the month. I have my reasons. Dad was happy to see a nice bike i'm getting. He sounds so supportive and eager if i'm not wrong. Usually he's not so keen to keep up to date on my particular hobby. Below is the same bike used in the world superbike championship by team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra, rode by Max Biaggi and Yukio Kagayama.

Well i have enjoyed every moment of my going public life in the past one month or so however so i had wish i wasn't stuck in an over populated position at times. I too have almost finish 'Like the Flowing River' book gave by eCar. Talking about eCar, met her and the rest of the AnL peeps on friday. I wasn't that optimistic in going since the first place they suggested was marina, and according to Gazza they claimed it's "central". It like an isolated town man...u gotta get deep in to get there. Maybe a saturday afternoon kite day i wudn't mind but night time dun really catch the mood to hangout there.

Well, then i talked into Ashy to pick me up with her chevy and she did. haha. thanks babe. Venue also changed to the cathay. So it happened to be mr.Goh's bday. Glad i came. So all hangout for some indon food and cake, then we headed down to the famous tau'huay place opposite paradiz as requested by Ashy. Eka left as i sense her not in the mood after seeing the crowd there. I chilled out with Gazza all the way till we hit home. So much we gotta laugh about...just like the old days. Good stuff.

On the way home met Nancy's room-mate. Gazza thot she was hot. Okay can't wait to collect the gixxer...hopefully i can still ride a bike by then. I've heard people not able to ride after a long period of not riding. Let's just hope i'm as slick as ever. Oh ya, can't wait for the 14" bumblebee i pre-ordered thru Cheeway at toys 'r us too. It cost me a bomb, but can transform. Haha. Take care peeps...i leave u here with a simpson version of me`

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's been a week. Two. Three.

Three weeks of being in the open sea...sharing space. Taking trains and buses. Standing like packed sardines after sunset to get home. I love bus rides. Used to have lots of 'em during my secondary school days...which are, long winding ones...and they are great. These days it's more of getting from there. Maybe bcos it's you and your destination. How can you speak to your destination. You can't.

Though it's cool. If i'm not rushing things in the studio (if am i'd probably leave in the wee hours), i'd have AE for company up to city hall, sumtimes up to jurong east. And AE, your lame jokes are gonna kill me some day.

The bikeshop is giving me a tremendous blow of frustrations. It's been three months and i've not seen my new ride. A fellow from the forum told me what's has always been and forever be...everything gd evrything okay...but once signed...everything out the window. Well, i have made an ultimatum with myself anyway. it's gonna be the last might as well practise some patience and have everything done nice and good. I loves bikes. Grew up around dad who rides (scooter vintage to the max), uncle who owns the famous ducati, know of grandpa owning a ducati and triumph in his younger days but was riding some normal bike when i first knew him as grandpa. It's one of my childhood marvels. That was why when i was introduced to things like biker gangs and such, i didn't embrace them. It has always been about the bikes and the bikes alone. It's about a man and his machine. Hahah. Being said that, well u gotta have a life plan at some point, so looking forward to my last ride. Gonna take care of it like a charm.

In the morning train rides to the studio, i've been reading the book i mentioned before gave by eCar. Like The Flowing River by Paulo Coelho. It's a series of short stories or shud i say, thoughts. It's like having to listen to someone who's talking. Not kinda spur you to think as he presents his reflections and perceptions of the thing he talks about. And Fan, if you're reading this, this quote is for you bro, think it shud reflects your so-called "idiocracy" well. It's just fine to be yourself:

"A warrior of light, once he has done his duty and transformed his intention into gesture, need fear nothing else: he has done what he should have done. He did not allow himself to be paralysed by fear. Even if the arrow failed to hit the target, he will have another opportunity, because he did not give in to cowardice."

Interesting this book. Ally at the studio called it my mountain book...where i had told her before i read this short writing about climbing a mountain. Paulo mentioned it's good to keep in mind of your objective - reaching the top. However, as you climb, the view changes and there is nothing wrong with stopping and enjoying the view. With each metre climbed, you'll see a little further, so take time to discover things you have never noticed before...and back on your way up. So i told her how i translate that to my dieting. Haha. I said it's okay to enjoy the luxury of food sumtimes if you feel like it, and be back on the diet later. Yeah...that's my REFLECTION! haha.

Okay on a last note, life's been great these months but in moments like now, those who sense my's just the crunch time. I gotta rush out alot of stuff in the studio. Once the hurdle pass, shud have more play time. Okay peeps...stay happy always`

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Here i am, back from a life i left behind and yet it me for the next seven years or so.

Well, just came back from reservist...this time it was a short one, yet it has taken so much out of me. I'm kinda down with a blocked nasal and runny nose...the throat kinda dry...crap i wasn't able to sleep yesterday and yet i gotta wake up darn early for the next morning. It's good to meet old friends...and same old things, relive the good old days what else. Met an NCO i had once during my basic rescue training. What else, relive the good old days. Make new friends...happens every year. And every time it's the same old goodbyes...."see u next year"

Well, ippt failed...haha. Also, chosed the wrong extinguisher to put out the fire. Kena warning also, cos i'm supposed to be a liaison personnel to keep grassroot peeps from Yuhua constituency to be connected with SCDF....and i kinda missed out on all their meetings and events last year. Actually they called me up once which i said i'll come but it was informed so early that when the day came i kinda forgotten about it. Oh well, everyone deserves a second this year gotta make it right if wanna stay in this vocation. Shud be grateful tho, cos ninety percent of the time, u get to stay civiliian in this post. So there's no reason to complain about it. If failed to make do, shall be transferred out to some rescue batallion next year which is so not happening man.

Talking about second chances...i think everyone should be given benefit of the doubt. I think it's not great to judge others or pass a judgemental remark just because things dun go your way at times. I mean i'm no saint, perhaps i might have done so in the past knowingly or unknowingly, but we are all human beings and we continue to learn. I guess sometimes we need to consider the things we it huge words or small comments, it might not mean a thing to us...however it might come as a insensitive statement to others. Perhaps the way we do things differ from them not bcos they are less competent or disorganise, maybe they might be victim of circumstances at such moments in time, or most of the time bcos larger responsibilities maybe? or more expanded workload/task/duties/etc. And who are we to judge?

Well, it might make some sense to us and none to most, but to those us...we shall keep learning till we die, but it sure makes the workd a better place. You may relate to my crap if u want, or till next time, just take note i have a nose issue at the moment`