Friday, June 29, 2007

No need to grab those coffee mugs...this gonna be a shortie.

Okay, today is officially the first day of my going-public'ness. Went out of the house around half past nine this morning. Oh well, by this hour i'm writing i shud say yesterday. Anyways, knowing final destination was myself armed with the mp3 player and since i've not read an official book for a long time...i mean really like a book with a cover, preface and brought along the book that ms.eCar gave me for my farewell gift from AnL. The book is called 'Like the Flowing River' by Paulo Coelho. Not sure if any of you have read it. Yea, that's about it. At least i'll have the option of reading or snoozing in the train.

Reached bugis around twenty past ten...and make my way to the studio. Being the confident walker...went up the freaking wrong escalator...heheh...yea, bummer! So no choice...continue my now-longer-confident walk. Okay larh dun laugh too much. Haha. At least the feeling was good.

Today at work, Dom and A'cher introduced me to some super old-skool 60s psychedelic groovy musique. Well, u're probably head-bobbing to it by now. Haha. Well, i think it's cool and snappy babeyyy`

Okay on last note...taking the train home not so eyy cool as the morning crampy no mood to seat also...good thing i copied the groovy tunes into the mp3 player...head-bob my way home then. Aight, that's about it`

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dun ask why, i'm just in the mood to write these days.

First things first, on the way back from bugis...was riding off clementi ave 6 entering into PIE(tuas) when i was blocked off by a gixxer. Gixxer? Someone who rides a suzuki gsx-r model bike. There are 7 models up to date in this gsx family. The one i'm waiting to receive (waiting time has amounted to almost 3 months, bummer!) is a K7, latest beast in the family. This particular gixxer was a k3 or k4. So while turning around the bend...i glanced to the side to see if he's slowing down, but he didn't backed down. So i decided to slow down to make way for him to pass thru. Yet he didn't make the move. So when this happens i usually have no choice but to turn and look at him to see what's happening. He was actually shouting at me asking about my rear light. The reason for it is he has never seen it before. Well i dun blame him tho, cos i had it custom-made sometime in 2005. Usually the Yamaha R1's come with two rear brake lights. Mine has three. One huge circular central for brake and two slightly smaller round ones for signals. Well, i've always been a sucker for unique'ness i guess. Haha. So here's how the short and abrupt conversation goes...

Gixxer: "U got only one rear brake light?"
Maday: "Huh?"

Gixxer: "U got only one rear brake light?"
Maday: "!"
Gixxer: "Power...power..."

Then inconveniently he was on the right and i was on the left...and i'm trying to move to the right into PIE and he was going to enter bukit batok on the left. So again we had to drastically slow down...i let him thru before i cross over to the other side. Well, sadly this is the last day i will be riding the's nice to end it with someone waving the thumbs up to u. Well, what can i's been a memorable two year relationship with that baby. The furthest we went was Hatyai, Thailand. The view was fantastic...cruising thru the morning dew, surrounded by mountains and clouds. Altho u ride in a group, it's really u alone and the bike with ur helmet on for those moments sharing the view. However i must say that night travelling is totally a different atmosphere. The sky so wide and low, gleaming huge stars...millions of them...u tend to think of others. :)

Anyway, why was i in bugis...had dinner with Nad and Fad. Well, i cudn't make it to e'Datin's b'day bbq last saturday, so i cudn't see Nad, who is leaving this saturday for Jakarta on a one year working contract there. She'll be teaching in one of the primary schools there. And i owed her a frappy, so had to make time before she leaves. Apparently, they are following the S'pore education system there. Good for her yea, she's on the right track to whatever she's planning for. Majoring in Mathematics in SIM...soon to be teaching the subject. Kudos`

Other things today....nothing much. Stuck in the office doing some simulation. Finished the shot i was working on. Later i reopened the 3dmax file and the whole simulation/dynamics/objects are everywhere..."haywired". I dun really like this 3dsmax's super buggy like shit. So i had to rework the shot again...which ended up eating the whole day. So wasted on time.

Oh before i forgot...sorry to alien-babe and 5zal...who msged me saying i walked passed them twice and they shouted at me but sorry ya, the ears weren't ringing larh. Haha. No...not ear-disoriented syndrome. Was listening hard to the ohers talking i didn't realise. Thanks for shouting tho...appreciate the effort` :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hey guys, how's the world out there. Been the longest time since i write.

Well, i've been busy adapting to the new is fun as always... tho, for those who are keen in entering the CG industry, bear in mind it's not all about cartoons..animation...3d...and happily ever afters. It's a long process with alot of hardwork from a big group of people relying on each other. Can't really say much on the things i'm doing in the studio, but perhaps on how things are done.

The first few months were tough on the hour clock...found myself camping out the morning hours to do stuffs like compositing the final ouputs of the different portions that makes up the whole animation such as the characters, backgrounds, colour correction, lightings, and such. Learnt a whole lot i shud say. The toughest i started out with was lighting cause over the years....i kinda slide off too much from the artistic background and sunk in more to the technical i had problems looking at good contrasting lighting. Not that my eyes are problematic ya. Haha. But things are looking up as the process goes by...DK gave some sort of a pat-on-the-back motivation saying great improvements.

One thing i've come to love in this business is the team spirit...we are the family...we are the village...we are everything together. No one accomplishes anything alone. A few weeks back, i had to rig two characters...the thing is...there is no pressure to finish it...but i kinda placed pressure on myself to come up with it fast cos the animators who will be using them are facing killer deadlines...see, the longer it takes me the the thinner that line will be, so i just had to push for it. Kinda took me four days for the first character with two unslept nights. Ally saw me the second unslept day i came and sat at my desk...i told her OMG my eyes are giving up. She laughed and told me to go home and sleep...DK wud have done so too. But i stayed up a day more to help troubleshoot any buggy'ness. It's a fantastic your rigging is, an animator is sure bound to break your character rig. Haha. Good job's the only way everybody can learn. Well, took a whole day after to sleep!

To sum things up, so far work is cool...but it has no respect for time. While walking back from lunch today...CH said that in his church...there is only one other individual who works in the creative industry...and when he mentioned to his other fellow mates that he has to work late most of the time...they said how cud the boss treats him so bad. He gotta explain that it's how the whole industry is...nothing to do with ill treating bosses and such. Haha.

Aite aite....before u get the wrong idea about the job being a 24/7 stand guard's not always like that. More like a rubber band...sumtimes it stretches sumtimes it doesn't.

Okay, other things in the world...big-Z kinda have a new gf. Well, nothing is for certain but things are looking towards it. I know Ummi won't approve of it...cos she's still holding on to the picture-perfect of the previous gf. Met the new one last saturday while i'm out playing pool with big-Z. The new one brought two others...and haha tried to set me up with one. So not my type. Even caught me up in a situation of photo-taking. Not to be a party-spoiler...kinda just go along with it. But i have to say...some other one actually came up in my mind while i was taking the photo. Guess when someone leaves a footprint in you...even in the smallest ways, the steps you take to treasure them are huge. Okay, need some perspectives...will talk to the usual kaki's soon.

Met the Pet team members the day before...for those not acquinted...peeps from AnL, my previous family. Joined them for steamboat, and we bowl after. Scored two strikes...not too bad for a rusty bowler ey. Haha.

Okay....super heavy downpour outside....super lightning crashes...shall retire from the pc for the moment. Talk to u guys again soon`