Sunday, March 23, 2008

Today had movie marathon at Jurong Entertainment. Caught Horton Hears A Who and Spiderwick. Well i wud recommend you peeps to watch HHAW if you feel like a good laugh. Think Blue Sky Studios did a fantastic job not only in the textures/feel and VFX...anyway yea they started off as a VFX expect nothing less than a fantastic job from them, their animation was also very good. The character rigs and dynamics looks good too. Kudos to them. Had a good laugh at it.

Spiderwick was quite good too except i'm abit disturb by the the villian dies. Ahh...what?! Like that?! kinda response. But overall it was alright. Okay, peeps, now for the cinema. Altho it has been renovated of some sort...dun go there to catch your kinda sucks. haha.

The day before, hangout with Zack at Yishun Dam. Usual hangout spot for the nyp rugger brothers since our poly days once we started our biking days. These days it's hard for us to meet on day hours due to work or other priorities on free we kinda have our talks and updates with each other during the wee hours. Zack took out his Yamaha R1'2007 on thursday, so we kinda talk alot about bikes on sat. I kinda like his bike....has a nice sporty colour to it. Tho i'm all soozookee now...for its performance and effortless power. *thumbs up*

Okay im kinda lazy to write anymore, haha, forgive my rudeness. I shall write sumthing more during the week. Have a great monday people! Mondays aren't so bad`


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