Friday, February 15, 2008

Hey peeps...thanks for sticking around.

Well nothing much to update really...been working busy with life. Basically is just juggling work and spartan. Didn't do anything productive also during the CNY holiday week, altho i had the whole week to it. Guess sumtimes it's how u put the word productive in your perspective. I mean you can still be productive not relating to work stuff. Well, guess catching up on sleep is productive as well. haha. But i know i know...shud not let such valuable time go to waste.

Cud have done my own self 3d-related projects that i had planned out to do. Cud have started on the batik mural concept for the room's new look. Well, shall look forward to the next holiday then. After next month's Good Friday that is. Cause i'll be road tripping up from S'pore to Hatyai, Thailand again. Mentioned to my touring khakis that we shud go sumwhere else other than hatyai, cos i've been there in 2005. See the thing about taking the road trip up other than getting your bikes dirt' to see places. I mean since we are travelling so darn far already might as well venture new roads, further destinations. Get to checkout more interesting places. Who knows, babes? Lol.

Thailand...u gotta be careful when checking out babes cos u never know. Anyway, i have been beaming up Alyssa these couple of months...i dun have the photos taken yet, shall update on all the geez installed later. But i did took a video of her power-angst. She is so race-ready that i think the only thing holding her back from the race track is my bloody timings. Told Thr that i'll be getting the racesuit next month and hitting the tracks once i'm back from the thailand trip. Lacing~~lacing~~vroom vroom~~kebaboom. Lol.

On other note i'm irritated with's giving me alot of technical problems lately. Oh ya before i forgot, which is a problem for me these days with my unconditional short-term memory. Haha...ya the worst struck i had was in the car with Ulfy and KN. I was talking and Ulfy kinda interrupted, and when she allowed me to continue i just forgot what i wanted to say. haha. Now this thing i gotta observe more in detail. Uhmm` Anyways, when i was doing some blog updates reading from a list of people i know, there hasn't been one lately from eCar cause i thot she was back in S'pore. Well, i guess she just got back two days ago. And in her most recent entry yesterday, there's sumthing that kinda got my attention. Cos i always like when people say sumthing good spontaneously. So i shall leave you with this line of hers...
"I miss them when I was with them
'cause then I knew what I miss."


Blogger Eka said...

I got you a batik-related birthday present already. So perhaps you are spared in doing the mural. Hahahhahaha :D

9:55 PM  
Blogger maday said... i can wait in vain unsurprised of a b'day present for the next two months. Hahaha`

10:10 PM  

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