Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Okay, christmas is here. Altho i dun celebrate this festival religiously, i like the warm sweet sensation it brings to the world. Or perhaps at least within the country. People look to care more for others than the usual days where someone would probably just go about do his her own shit day to day. People are more joyful and thoughtful this time of year, and of course i enjoy the holiday it brings. haha`

Yesterday, wondered where all the bunchies are off to...cos at midnight, there's left me and Fan, and so we decided to just go watch I Am Legend. I thought it was an okay movie. It was kinda sad tho when the dog died. Okay fine shall not talk about the story. Lol. Not much vfx tho...alot more of suspense juices. Still have national treasure and chipmunks to catch. Ahh, two days in paris perhaps.

So yesterday while driving the beamer around outram rd, road block. The traffic police kindly asked "Good evening sir, where were you from?" Maday..."Jurong!" Fan..."Boon lay!". Hahaha...if we were suspects on a crime scene....wud have failed the first test i supposed. Then he asked, " Any alcoholic drinks, sir?" And Fan being the politely answered s'porean said no. Think being the irritating me i wud have answered, "Oh...can i have a vodka twist please!" Haha...but of course i dun drink, but it'll be fun tho... in a jackass kind of way larh. Lol. But anyway, we laughed about it all the way to town.

There were two fights at cineleisure. One was between two ahbeng clans. Another was between an ahbeng clan and this auntie with her family. Just when we were talkin' about joyful. Uhmm...these boys never watch kungfu hustle i guess....dun they know aunties can be deadly powerful secretly...just like that landlady in that movie. haha. Anyway, in both cases...no one throw a punch. What's that about u know. Fan said, if u gonna fight... someone just need to throw the first punch. Typical huuhaa s'poreans. Too much korean dramas larh. hahah. All shit no bull.

The day before, just felt like riding. Cos it rained practically everyday right, so just went around s'pore for like four hours just riding everywhere and anywhere along the nightsky. Touched on every xpressway...uhmm except KPE...cos maybe it didn't come to mind...and i dun know where the heck it is anyway. Then i got pretty tired...so i stopped by fullerton and watch the lights and river for awhile...took in the breeze. Then i make my long route journey home. It's cool. When u dun have a destination to go to....just move to where the road takes you.

2007, well 2007 has been a contented one. Did what i wanted to do, say what i wanted to say. Got most of my questions answered. Tho i must say, this year also seen the very worst... with the lost of Astley. But everything happens for a reason. Yea, pretty much that's it...looking forward to a brighter year ahead.

Anyway, for seven years i've dreamt of being a CG artist...in those school days u just wud say i wanna work in animation. Well, there's more to it. And am glad living the dream now. Of course more things ahead...for this perspective, for 2008...to improve one's competency and have more fun doing it.

Hopefully more normal hours work in this coming year...tho it's hardly the case in production haha yea but, well, more family 'n friends time i wud say. Oh yea, not to forget...relive my spartan glory. Lol. Dun laugh...it's coming i tell ya. No retreat no surrender....spartan rule. Done once...shall be done again.

More for 2008...uhmm, try not to miss more movies and cool concerts. Meet more vibrant people. Spend less on Alyssa...yes yes, i know Ulfy, KN, Fan, Red, etc....i know ppl...i mentioned that last year. But it wasn't my choice that i got a new bike...well it was...but victim of circumstances?! Lol.

Oh not to forget, hopefully another thailand roadtrip. Missed the millions gleaming stars a foot above the head it seems...cruising the highways. Okay to put it simple, wish for a happy 2008...just joy, laughter and love. None of those mellow marshymellow days. And yes KN, u shall not see grumpy gummy next year. hahaha. More importantly, wish all my friends a blissful enchanted life next year. Well, can't be all joyful alone can we...no fun in that.

Okay leave ya with a line from polar express i watched yesterday on teevee...

"It's not where the train is heading that matters...it's deciding whether to get on it!"

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Today...today...is a boring day`

Yes i know...but i gotta say it anyways. Today is Sunday... but not surprisingly...there's no sun today. Uhmm...so what day shud i call it? It was cloudy at noon...make my way down to bukit panjang for Fizan & Wati's big wedding day. They're both course mates from poly. How nice... ends up together huh. Called lyn, who else...she's like the command center for all poly peeps. Thanks lyn...we luv ya for that. Met a few of the rest. Most can't make it i supposed. Maybe it's the rain`

And so there was a dikir barat performance...reminds me of super old days. And ironically these peeps actually called me up a few weeks back when i was eating wit eRn if i recall correctly asking me if i wanna be part of the so-called alumni group for an upcoming competition. Told them i'm so retired man...i started when i was like what.. 12yrs old...and stopped when i found rugby in poly days. It's so not happening...not at this age that is.

Okay back at the wedding...took pictures wit the bride and groom...ate...chitchat chitchat...and it rained...then came out the sun for like fifteen minutes...we all stood up, say thanks to the parents of the bride...and it rained like cats and dogs this time. i tell ya if it was literal...wud have drowned in massive fur flood. So more chitchats...only left around three plus. Got home...and half an hour later it rained again in the westside.

Where's the sunday that's promised in the calendar. Anyway coming up shortly on teve is the asain idol result show. I thot the vietnamese idol was cute...altho im sorry to say she can't really sing english song well...think she did better in her viet song but downside...it's a competition and the song is so mellow u cud fall asleep. haha. As expected...indon idol mike, has a powerful voice. Must be sumthing the indon peeps are eating perhaps. Anyway it dun really matter to me who wins...the best to all then.

On other note, hope all is gd and safe wit eRn and her event in genting especially in this wet weather conditions. Also hope eCar a safe journey back to indo. Hope the time spend back home will bring more joy to her despite all her miserabilities here. And if u're reading this...do come back happier please. haha. not Les' Miserable...but Less Miserable!

Okay anyone interested to watch 30 days of nights, alvin and the chipmunks, nat'l treasure books of secrets, mr magoriums wonder emporium, 2 days in paris, i am legend, give me a beep yea. Man that's a whole lot of holiday season movies to catch. Lol. Hope it rains less these few weeks. Cheers`

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thank you for sparing my life. I almost died today.

Funny how I was talking about living in the moment in my previous writing below when i almost lost my life today. I was happily riding home from the studio today when two cars were road raging, racing one another on the expressway. One of them came close to ramming up my rear. I was close to seeing his face in my side mirror that was how close he was.

I guess he was admiring his ego while watching the other car falling back alittle on his side mirror that he didn't realise he was coming so fast into me. Glad he looked up...brake and swerve to the left...for another split second more he cud have send me flying off forward. Even when he overtook me, i cudn't make of his number plate...that's how fast he was.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hey guys...how u doin'...how's life?

I wouldn't say things were sailing freely in the past months...for once, there's production downtime to deal with...so the need for extra hardship was in session. Thank god for everything that happened. I believe strongly that everything has to happen for a reason... and in each and every way it wud be done it's meant to be. Thank god i met all the people at all exact time which make the journey easier to sail thru'.

Quote from Marc's writing titled Living In The Moment,

"To commit yourself fully, to engage yourself entirely in whatever you’re doing is to live in the moment, didn’t matter if its work or play or if the result is success or failure, you just had to deal with the present where the past and future don’t matter."

I like this particular writing of his...it's nothing to do with the garmen or how life treats you, it's how you embrace life and choose to live it. For me, in that moment...nothing in the past matters at all...i cud sit and dwell on how i wud now be probably sitting in my cosy comfort zone and collecting paychecks every month doing the same old work routine. Or i cud live for the moment and do sumthing about my life and hope for a better tomorrow. And i'm glad i did, and today i'm back at TIP as production is up and running...and things are looking good now and long for the future. More importantly, today i came home from the studio...i was happy`

Funny how all this talk about living in the moment, where the past and future doesn't matter...but no matter how far we have sailed thru' sumtimes we kinda look too far for things in the future...and for some we carry with us things from the past. And for whatever reason it is, life never seem to be in place. Marc also mentioned, in the midst of always looking for something, you fail to realise how good you’ve got it and how lucky you are where you are. And only when its over and passed you by, did you realise what a shame it was that you didn’t treasure it. That you didn’t enjoyed it as much as you can because in the back of your mind, part of you was always somewhere else. You were never fully in the moment. I guess most of us we feel out of place at times... because we are always somewhere else.

It is wrong not to treasure the past nor hope for the future...cos we learn from the past and cherished the memories, look for the future and plan for a better tomorrow, but how are we treating ourselves today? Perhaps what i'm trying to say in my perspective, is to look at ourselves more today. Do things that you need to...say things that you have to...change things that you want to. Everyone deserve sumthing out of life, and only oneself can determine it. But dun forget to be thoughtful towards others as we live amongst them. And once everything is said and done, and if you feel happy or relieved at the end of the day, give yourself a pat on the back...cause for what it's worth you're living in your moment.

Nonetheless, have hope for the better cos if things dun turn out fine today...in god's will, there's always tomorrow :)