Monday, August 21, 2006

Hey. Something to write off the monday blues away.

Today was simple yet graceful day. Entered the office at half past one. Had small chats with Eka on some teaching materials...she reminded me about the bonus that was long promised but till now still no smell of it anywhere. 'N so i went for coffee break, which of course i dun take coffee...had a medicated-tasting longan pudding...highly not recommended *shakes head* dude. Back to the point... reminded Astley of the long-awaited bonus thingie. Actually i remembered about the bonus all along, but just want to see how much the management meant their just decide to watch and listen. But since Eka pointed it out...again...i think i shall do my part. Eka didn't want to ask for it...of course who would right...i mean if someone offers to give you something...and they dun, you dun remind them to give it to's just courtesy of them to remember their words.

All in all, office was ok today. Oh ya, Ashlynn i heard...drove her civic into a hugo-jumbo mercedes. Heard it's settling off for some 2.5k or something. Luckily it was after training...means no rush...but what's more important is no one ain't hurt. Peeps in the car were Filippe and Kenny, the two new guys in the team. Haven't had the time to talk to them yet...they on the other hand, look so decently quiet...c'mon man guys, gotta be more crappy and you'll fit into the team nicely. Lol. Well...maybe give them sometime to warmup larh ya. But it's true...look at all the training dept peeps, all have their antics. That's what keeps the day going...

At half past six...was still in the office touching up my head and torso 3d models of myself that is. So much comments have to be work on since the previous lesson. So decided to pack up and head for class. While packing, dropped the ext hardisk. Crap! Picked it up, ain't working no *shakes head* more. Double Crap! My thoughts exactly.

So Astley and me spent the next 15 minutes operating on the gadget and wallah! finally got it to work at 7:05pm. The connectors of the disk inside basically came off that's the big hold up. Darn, and so i'm late. Knowing that Dave took me out of the life drawing class (no more half nude models staring back at me...NP ruling, no nakeys pls...inspiration cut off by half. Lol, just kidding`)...being late is not so bad, cos now, Shawn and Adrian will be tutoring me one-on-one on my rigging.

Before rigging lesson with Shawn, he went through with me on some techniques on how to correct my model's topology thus making rigging easier, or should i say the skin motion more smooth and gentle. Aesthetics of the model, he commented a few. Then came was like judgement day. Lol. Basically, all the aesthetics of my models are wrong. The best dialogue of the day..."Where the pantat?!" Translated..."where's the butt?!" Lol. "Where's the pantat?!...not enough flesh..." Oklah, not only my butt was sagging and not round enough...ok ok! not my real butt pls!!! the 3d model's butt...aesthetically alot of things are wrong....and so, my modelling career is drowning as it is starting. Have to do more practices and keep on doing more productive plastic surgery on my current model.

According to Shawn, the face setup topology is good...almost there. Now that's sumthing to keep the fire burning. After judgement day, Shawn taught me to create the basic setup of an advanced leg/foot rig. Nothing of what i've learnt before. Cool tho. Now, today left me with more things to work choice gotta trade more time with sleep. C'mon c'mon...keep moving people...gotta keep things moving`

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey you...yup, time for our coffee talk.

Life's been pretty much a roller-coaster ride for the past month or so...having to mentally run around non-stop. Since school starts and with work 'n i wish there's more numbers on the clock. Nevertheless, things are cool. Work has slowed down slightly...or maybe it hasn't but i sure am. Work is work right?...but i pull the brakes these days to slow myself down...just in case i need that extra breath to breathe. *super deep breath*

School on the other hand, kawabanga great. No more of that stiffness of air in the room. Everyone has got pass the warm-ups 'n it's pure fun 'n nonsense. The other day some of us hangout after our saturday class...i tell you, coffee takes you places! Just because we needed some coffee break, we travelled from PS Starbucks to the next door cathay's coffee bean...and we finally ended up at paradiz's mac. Sat down already...then decided to go to the nearby Kopitiam foodcourt. Let me really takes you places!

Chun How laughed his intestines out that day till he that's a sign of healthy living. Bought myself another figurine that day...fandi bought two star wars figures. Oh before i forget, we took the bus all the way from NP to PS. Being the non-frequent public transporter...ehem ehem...act smart larh you know...tap the ez-link card in the first bus we took...value was -64 cents. Lol. Crap. So took out my coin pouch, told the uncle... "Uncle, to Orchard how much?!" ...not knowing that we're taking the bus to Dover mrt then changing buses that leads to town, the spontaneous bus driver, opened the door and awaits my alighting'ness.

So how? Panic la...Lol. Asked Si Cheng who was standing beside me, where we're heading cos everyone else has seated at the back of the bus...he too had no bloody idea where we're heading...haha. Then he shouted to the gang at the end...and wallah! finally destination revealed.... .. door closed` *super deep breath*

Modelling classes has been tough for me as i haven't had any real experience in organic modelling in the past before. So far i find that my ear modelling is good. The 3d model of my face...err, doesn't really look much like me. The proportions in the hands not really that accurate... and the body i modelled pretty stiff. Really need to buckup.

Life drawing classes however, turning much better. Found myself to be more artistic these days. Lol. yah yah ok ok. Just yesterday, couldn't draw man. There stands the model in the middle of the class, everyone's chalking i am drawing the oversized underwear lines the model was wearing. Dom was walking around giving pointers to people in class, then stops behind me and said, "you start from the center? so big...there won't be enough paper to draw the whole figure dun you think?". Crap. My thots exactly. *super deep breath*

So there i sat, while Dom starts to show how he picks up the points and curves as he chalks away on my paper. Watching the master's fingers at work, the moment of pressure turns into an open eye view. Then he said, "there...much better right?" So i flipped to a clean sheet of paper and starts applying these artistic values that has just been drilled into my brain... 'n wallah! all the grooves start to flow. Here's a comparison of my first 10 mins pose drawing a month back... to the one i had yesterday. Peace out`

"A month back"

"Last week"