Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gd day fresh and happy people...

Today was a cool day. altho yesterday was super work in the day...gym in the evening...then came home start doing the webbies for sph. Think i slept at six plus in the morning...then woke up at nine, shower and head for studio around ten. Round the clock we go`. Yesterday DK gave me and Maxx a job lead for CG poster design with Emerging Entertainment...a german game company based here in S'pore. Cool place...but alittle quiet for me...everyone seems to be in a serious mode...with slight light mood in the atmospshere. In TIP, even in the rushing modes...we are always noisy as soon as someone takes his eyes off the screen. That's why sumtimes when we feel alittle dragged down...doesn't matter if it is work-related or just ur bloody moody'ness...we shud be at least at some thankful for what we have. Cause it might be greener out there or might not.

So i got in at ten plus...then max came in shortly afterwards...then we head down for a short trip to emerging ent in tanjong pagar. On the way there and back we saw this beauty...some super old school designed i had to take the pictures larh. haha.

here it is...

It even comes with a termignoni pipes...sweeet`. anyways...we didn't take the job cos it needs alot of things to be done in a short period of we pass.

Okay got alittle bored waiting for the renderings at the studio so i took pictures of my threesome fightclub peeps on my cpu...

Spartan vs Ninja Spawn vs Alien


Ninja spawn...

Alien resurrection...

On another note...update on the spartan mission. Well this morning putting on the jeans this was the result of spartaning after 3 weeks...

Sumtimes we gotta face facts...we live amongst frens and family... and since it's s''s glorious food babey. But Craig Ballyntine's once doesn't matter if you fall...or you indulge at times on the finer things in life...but what are you gonna do about it next? Okay those are not the exact words....but you get the idea yea. So now is still in the process of exchanging body fat with lean muscle mass. Okay i know...most people who dun read up on fitness stuff will ask if u can actually turn those fats into muscle...the answer is no. You gotta workout to burn those calories and lose body fat. At the same time, it helps if we carry weights...or even using our natural bodyweight to build lean muscle. So you get the best of both worlds. And for those who are afraid of carrying weights in fear of becoming a won't. In fact...when you carry will only build lean muscle and a nice physique...done properly and balance... you get great definitions as well. Those hulks become hulks cos they take extra supplements to boost muscle growth. If you read up there's more to it such as red fibres and white fibres of the muscles and such...but that's just gonna bore you to death. hahaha. And for those peeps who have kept askin' me how how...first, get off ya lazy bums for starters *grins*

Had dinner just now with eCar, Gazzie, Nansee, and Joyful. Thanks eCar for the glorious i shall burn it off tmr at the gym. haha. Dinner was at Tambuah Mas in paragon...a nice small cosy place. Then chat sumore...after that head for home. While walking the guys off to cineleisure...ahh HMV. There's a hidden giant magnet there you see. If i'm there i just gotta step in. Lol. Bought three albums....dreaming out loud by one republic...cause they were playing stop and stare...sweet. So bought the album. Also in the basket are in rainbows by radiohead and let love in by goo goo dolls. All time fav band. Ya i know i said before...3eB. So there are two all time fav bands...third eye blind and goo goo dolls. haha. Sumhow their tunes abit in'sync with my braains.

Okay shall add some nice songs from the albums to the jukebox when i have time. I'm back to work...u peeps have a gd one tomorrow. Ciao`

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

hey u, yup my first for 2008. Well so far so great. Things are really picking up. Spirits are still running high. Spartan still going strong. Haa` year. was supposed to hangout with no-raid but lost the mood around nine...haha. sorry if u readin' this. So got hungry and cooked up sumthing to munch while the fireworks were booming. haha`. Quite pathetic tho but i dun quite care then...just felt spending time at home. Anyway, it's either i'm out there stuck in a crowd or stuck in traffic.

A few days before on the 29th i think, went out with the bunchies for the support session. Now that i think about's more like those rehab support group u see on US drama. Lol`. But in this case...only once a year. We kinda have the usual makan session whereby afterwards we gift exchange one another. This year we save the hassle of getting everyone one prezzie, so we only had to bring along one...and draw lots to see who u shud receive from. On that note, that person will also be responsible to look after your resolution progresses for the coming year. We'll grab whatever we can pen down on, signed it off and pass it on to the keeper.

This year i'm hovering over Red's...and Fan's looking after mine. And since Ulfy did not turn up this year...i'm continuin' hers as well. Well i manage to strike one resolution last year which was pretty huge impact...feels great but somehow after revelation...i was the underachiever....haha`. Just managed one outta three man. haa` the rest managed at least two. thing for sure is not new to this year's reso...getting the car license. haha. It has been brought forward year after year since i'm not sure which year it started?! Anyway, Ulfy brought forward almost all of hers to this year. So not too alone larh it feels ya...Lol`

January has been great so far. Except! yea...there shud always be one...that's how u know if life is normal. The weather! Do you realise it rains every single day...even on super sunny mornings....just wait till it's 3...and there u'll have ur clouds. But i'm not too bothered tho as long as it stops before 7. The other day, SF saw me walkin with the umbrellie to the sultan mosque...which was like walking in a tsunami man. The winds just blow rain from left right center. My jeans was wet. Crap! haha. We laughed about it when i returned.

Spartan glory is coming along well. Mentioned last monday i was heading to the gym...and A'cher said..."Gym's Grill arh?" Lol. Now that was a cracker. But be it gym or gym's grill...the trainings are going great. Have cut down twelve gravity counts...and counting. So it's gym's grill on one three five of the week...on two and four are light i'm just back on the boxer skip routine. Just pumpin high intensity alternate low to get the heart raged. Well...shall update more on it in weeks 'n weeks.

Work at e studio is as per normal. Still tryin to work on the punctuality issues tho. Haha`. Today was great...came earlier than usual days. Uncle'M is really going mask rider craziee at e studio. Last time there was one mask rider figurine on his there's seven!!! i brought home my 14inch bumblebee cos there's no more place to put it. So now there's left leonidas, spawn ninja, 'n alien on my cpu. Threesome battle! haha. The Lost collection figures are still up on the wall racks. Not sure how i'm gonna pack all the toys over to the new studio when we move.

Yea we are movin' outta beach rd. Man...gonna miss this's so convenient here. Everything is darn accessible. Lyn has moved out earlier tho, on the third of jan. LnS moved to somewhere in tiong bahru. Or was it Outram. Okay larh whichever. Haha` But as they say place comes new beginning. So once pass thru the adaptation process...will feel much at home with the new surroundings. We're moving to redhill. Great thing is we gonna have a super huge building/space to ourselves. Well, shall not dwell on it too much until we actually move. Was thinking of cycling to work on some days. Butta gonna have to run some testin' first to see if can really reach redhill from jurong da`. If can reach but takes forever then everyday is gonna turn half day in that case. Haha`.

Thot of going for the Police concert...but man, those old men are expensive. haha. Guess some things dun come cheap as they aged. Just like a collectible or antiques. So Aid asked if i wanna head for the Incubus concert in March...climbed on the bandwagon there. Which reminds me...gotta pay her for the tix. Sorry babe...shall transfer`. Movies, i'm waiting for kite runner to be out. Think end of this month probably. Hopefully the show will be as good as the book. I heard! haha. Due to unforseen circumstances...not read it yet`.

Need to catch up on some sleep. Aite, before i end this short entry...the hand is itching to paint again. So any suggestions for this new year? I was thinking of a big batik piece...but gonna cut it up into cube frames and hang it on the wall. So it looks like a huge mural on boxes. Now what to paint... man..doesn't it sound effortful...haha` Let's hope there's time here and there to do it. Okay peeps...enjoy ur days`