Monday, October 29, 2007

"A warrior of light, once he has done his duty and transformed his intention into gesture, need fear nothing else: he has done what he should have done. He did not allow himself to be paralysed by fear. Even if the arrow failed to hit the target, he will have another opportunity, because he did not give in to cowardice."
- Paulo Coelho

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hi it's been the longest time ever since i last wrote.

Last few months have been neither up nor down. Cause very much i feel i dun have anytime too think much about's just work day night. Basically because we had many projects to finish high and dry before october. As much as i worked like a maniac, i'd like to express my utmost respect to my comrades in battle. Think they did a doubly fantastic job.

Well, in the midst of all those busy'ness...i managed to sneak off and turned my hair purple. Well long story...super long story. Anyway, the dye didnt even last two weeks. It was a kind of fady purple highlights with brown base. Well things turned full blonde by the 14th day...sure i called back the stylist and asked her what the heck happened. And so she retreated it and now it's cool purple with dark brown base. Much better.

As of now, it is the production down i'm not sure what the rest will be doing. For me, i'm doin' some small projects with sph. Then my plan is to cool off and 'tremendously' improve my showreel...cause i think where i am now, is so much far off from where i started during the cg course last year. So i think my showreel deserves the much needed quality that i'm able to perform in my work these days.

I've found new buds with same passion these few months. The suzuki/gixxer enthusiast! Yup, peeps who are riding the same breed of power performance bikes as i am. Been keeping up to date and talking to them in the forum. First hangout with them was a cool chitchat session at yishun dam. Well what else do bikers talk about when they meet...but these time it's great because they only talk about suzukis. There were about slightly more than fifteen of them there. We are printing some suzuki tshirts, now there's gonna around fifty gixxers who are gonna collect the tshirt on the day, now that's gonna be gixxer mania.

Well, dun get me wrong now, i'm not joining any group or anything. It's just a suzuki gsxR tshirt. I'm still gonna make my own legacy. Haha. Hangout with some of them again yesterday at same spot. There's icey and honam who rides the same k7 as i do...and the great thing is each one of us rides a different colour. Now that makes each one unique by its own. Then there's also john, who rides a k2, 2002 model. But they're all cool in their own ways. Great to have foggy and J as long time buds from nyp...ruggers for life.

Great to know J doing darn well. Just hope his future travels will work out fine for him and his family. Foggy as usual, a brother always.

This month is quite exciting. Of course there's hari raya. But my exhaust pipe is arriving. Yeehaw. The best breed in singapore right now...akrapovic. A name that will spur any biker to go "ooo...waah". Honam wants to hear it cause if it sux then he's gonna pass it for an arrow or yoshimura. Haha.

Okay and now i'm watching lost...they left julian with kate in the they're back at camp and found jack and sayid. Sayid not happy jack is allowing julian to come home with them. Ahh...what the heck, they're all lost anyways right.

Oh ya before i spin off, there's a huge psp craze in the many peeps getting it. It's like a plague. Remember the boss needed to say, okay stop playing first...please render out the final please. Haha. Peer pressure huh....thot of getting one too. Cause i have a 30Gb ext hard-disk full of psp game and crap, i dun even have a console! Long story. Anyway, Ern got herself an ipod nano...think it's the same one that rose showed me in the cab on one of the evenings. Well, after much thot, the ipod will access me to great music...and video if i get the video ones, but with the psp...a'haa` music, video and game...think it's a great chemistry there. haha. Yarh okay, fine, let's leave it at peer pressure.