Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hey guys...thanks for sticking around. Grab your coffee, it's time to chat.

Life's been great times feeling alittle low. But that's natural i guess...everyone has their low hours in the day. Well, I just watched i am sam on tele, then remembered mr.meteor commenting on having a blog and not really writing here we are with my little conversations. I am sam. I love the story...remembered i bought the soundtrack cd when the movie first came out...not having watch the show yet. Quite a mellow cd...but it's good music.

Office is normal...this week is school holidays, so things are slightly more relax. Tho, working life's alittle boring these days. No fire to drive on...kinda burnt out. So many circumstances have occurred in the short past months that altered so many things. Kinda weird at times...awkward on others. Ming Chiang is leaving the company next friday. Since i came back to office, there was mee mee. She left sometime back in june. Then wei alighted in july.

And dzuhri left just yesterday. He's joining nie as contract teacher till he has an opening in the admission sometime next year. I wonder if the company sees the pattern. Someone once told me, it is important for a company to treasure its staff. Part of a good management is to find the correct people to work for the company and have them stay, in the company. It's not a healthy sign when people keeps coming and leaving. Well, what do you think?

Talking about dzuhri, he mentioned he has been applying to nie for about two years. I respect people who stay true to themselves. Chasing dreams is not easy, but if you have passion for gonna get there. Just like peeps in my 3d class now, people like max, victor....they're much wiser than the rest of us, yet they are still at it....trying to break into the industry. I feel fortunate to have met the correct people at the correct times. Never imagine i would be sitting infront of the monitor shaping 3d models...rigging bones. The last experience i had on 3d was back in the poly days. And when the time was up, i thought that was it...i had my chance. Guess passion keeps you hanging on. Not to forget, God's will.

For the past few weeks, i have been skinning the model to the bones i've rig into the character. Here's some deformation test of the skin movements.

Today, Adrian went through with me his method of setting up an advanced arm rig. After lunch, Alvin went through with me his version. According to Adrian, it's good i learn both ways so that in future i could research for better setups. Boy, does Alvin talks fast. I had to ask him to re-explain certain things quite a number of times cos not only he talks fast...he demos fast. But it's all cool. I'll need to practise more on both.

Well other things in life...nothing much happening. Things seem quiet and silent. Oh ya, before i end this little conversation. For those, who might have already known about my little eye was quite bad yet fortunate i supposed. I had a freaky morning last wednesday...just cudn't open the right eye. It was cherry red and when i lifted the eye lid...heaty tears will flow. So i went to check it out with the clinic doc...he suspected an ulcer in the cornea. So he referred me to doc julian two days later, e specialist at the eye centre. He confirmed so.

He told me if i hadn't got it treated for a day or two more...the ulcer might have spread throughout the cornea and a cornea transplant would be in order. Darn, it freaked me out seriously. But it was alright, thanks to the clinic doc, he gave me the right prescription. According to doc julian, the eyedrop i took cured the ulcer as it was in the early stages. So yesterday he told me i'm cured, but the ulcer left alittle scar in the cornea. So i'm appointed to see him again in a month's time.

He told me there'll be no more contacts for me fer life. that's a blow to the lifestyle. Adrian says..."cg artist just wear specs lah". Lol. But diana described i had hawaiian eyes the other time...haha...and Dave said i had european nose. So the joke was i had french lips....uhmm, u know what that's good for ey. Lol. But i guess, i'll have to go local on the eyes for the moment....the rest of the facial parts can stay international. heh.

OK dudes and dudettes...time to chill...sleep sleep sleep. By the way...enjoy the music, as recommended by eka. It's nidji with...Child.`