Thursday, March 08, 2007

Days are bright`

Remember the first writing i ever wrote...wanting the old happy days back. Thank God i'm moving.

Well updates, I am now stress free...i grumble less, i talk more, i squint less, i laugh more. Life's really turning around since i move out from the old office. Not that the people there are boring me out, they are fun...some i consider my family, but the life&work there is wearing me out i guess. Some people say it's a right thing to move out, i concur...however it wasn't an easy decision. Knowing you will leave behind everything that supports you for the past years, not to mention the comfort zone and stability.

Nonetheless, i got the offer to move in with TIP, and has been looking brighter and brighter. Going to work...or shud i, is so much fun. It's like i'm looking forward to go there everyday...whereby in the past, i'd start to dread more and more. I'm still adapting to the people there...but most of them are my sifus and my it's like moving back in or some sorta that feeling.

But one thing tho, working in arab street doesn't really help if you're trying to avoid all the foodies. Darn, they're everywhere. Jason gonna nag. The steps-cum-medicine-ball exercise that he made me do on monday was a super killer man. Shytes. Now that's gonna replace the leg-raise-crunches on the number one spot in my "oh no" list.

Talking about exercise, thanks Nisa for the movie and ride...well, we caught Rocky. Now that's sumthing to boost my motivation. Bcos of Rocky... i shall do it! Tho, i won't have any beef to punch on! The movie...uhmm, almost fall asleep in the earlier scenes, quite too laid back and slow. But it gets better to the fight, yet again...the fight wasn't as great as the old ones. The scenes also have a feel of not fantastically done, or more to digital-filming of that sort. So verdict, ok ok only larh.

I'm still waiting for the SAC/TIP peeps to watch 300. Now that's sumthing to eagerly look forward to. All the CG to wahhh about.

Ahh today, i got a haircut. Feels good. and breezy...haha. Anyone know where to get a dark violet dye? Yeah, to sum it up..Nisa said DUN BE CRAZY. Well, it's art larh. Lol. And yeah, i shall register that whatever thing i need to at bbdc on sat. If i dun forget, shall get that bunny slippers too.

Okay, so far work's great...mood superb, home's atmosphere vibrant, everywhere people happy. Looking good rocky`