Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Living In The Moment"

I could not have said it better than Marc....read it...wonderful stuff.. http://www.insanepoly.com/

Monday, November 05, 2007

Time check: 1:56 am.

Six hours earlier, i left the house for Jali's open house in pasir ris. Locking the door, saw lightning crashes afar sumwhere in the johor skies near tuas and jurong island area. Think the storm might come but probably it'll hit by tomorrow. Left for pasir ris.

Time check: 2:00 am.

Three hours earlier, left Jali's house for home. It started to drizzle lightly in pasir ris. Rode hard for TPE heading into PIE...and there it was waiting for me, the storm had arrived. From experience, before i left had shifted all my cards money notes into the butt pocket of my jeans...where it'll be the dry'est. Passed by a few small overhead bridges and finally came to a large bridge that intersect the expressway for bedok north. More or less soaked...took off my helmet off the engine and stood by the railing watching the night sky.

Time check: 2:07 am.

Two hours earlier, heavy raindrops lighted by the yellow street lights...lightning crashes every three minutes...here i was lost in translation. Listening to the weather still...singing tunes of how i shall be here till the wee hours. Had alot of things on the mind. Took out the mp3 player and tune in to class95. Brought me deeper into thoughts...

Time check: 2:14 am.

One hour and forty five mintues earlier, came three chinese boys stopping by the bridge for shelter. Squabbling to place each other's helmets on the railing one of them accidentally dropped his into the side road drain filled with rapid waters. The helmet was floating away and they stood there in awe and disappointment. An old uncle who had stopped earlier before them ran out in the rain in his yellow poncho chasing the floating helmet. The shocked boys ran after him. Minutes later all of them came back under the bridge with the wet-drained helmet. It was quite a funny / courageous / nonsensical / brave / idiotic / respectful incident all happening...and the downpour is still getting heavier. Back to class95 and thoughts wandering into the night sky.

Time check: 2:24 am.

Fifty mintues earlier, the lightning still crashes every three minutes. I can now see the long highway better, tho the downpour is still pretty heavy. The feeling is starting to get shitty. It's been two hours. Class95 playing its love songs. The old uncle had left much earlier despite the hard fat downpour. The three young chinese fellas still around talking and smoking by the railing. Started the engine. Wore the helmet and snuggle the earphones nice and comfy. Still love songs. Wore the gloves. Waited for the first lightning to crash, and here i am bracing the heavy rain. Switch the bike into C mode for slower gear acceleration to adapt the tyres to smooth grip of the road with every gear change. Destination... home.

Time check: 2:35 am.

An hour ago, open the front door. Took a nice warm shower. The neck's alittle stiff. Glad to be home. Cold night`