Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let me grab my cup...welcome back`

so much has happen since the last i wrote. The days been sunny all week. Though, the rain has been pouring heavily on bright days. On friday went out with rose after work. It rained too. Thanks to ash ash and her boyfriend for driving me to nus. Gonna miss you ash ash.

From nus we took a cab to river valley to eat at spize. Funny thing...from across the road i thot i saw spize with the red canvas outfront. When we got there rose was puzzled cos it was a freaking chinese restaurant. Lol. My bad. Spize was a few more shops down the stretch. But we made it there nonetheless. She had the tempura fish 'n chips and i had the special burger. Yea yea...i'm gonna have to pay that back on the treadmill when i meet Jason. Will talk about him in a bit.

After makan we went to great world to catch epic movie but only have ghost rider, which also turns out to have left only a seat, so we move down to tiong bahru plaza for epic movie. Well, if you have to watch it...try downloading cos it's funny but not lame enough like scary movie. Abit over-rated on tv.

I did caught ghost rider tho on sat with fan. It's good...but if i was to choose, i'd like to see a sportsbike version of the ride. haha. ok ok fine. Overall not bad larh...but spiderman still comes up top amongst all marvel-turn-film movies.

okay, personal trainer. Yea...i might have been one myself in the past but in these working days...i find myself no discipline with time and motivation to workout on my own. So i hired one to burn me up to speed. So far i've lost 4kilos in 2 weeks...not bad. But sleeping is a b*tch sumtimes...waking in the morning hours to adjust the aching body. Tell you, i have not slept in so many positions in the longest time. haha. but i think it's a small price to pay for getting your life back on track.

Talking about getting things on track, i have tendered from AnL as of 2nd of February. It was a super hard decision but i had to do it. Cos i can't finish up my showreel with the amount of work side by side. So i had to choose either one. I wanted to tender on the 1st but was wavering cos i not sure of what's coming. But i did it anyway. For passion i'd say...

Anyways...with uncertainty comes hope...and boy was i glad i took the call that night when Dave offered me to work for him in his animation studio. It was like the plan was put in place only that i didn't know it yet a few weeks back when i tendered. And what's more...i'll be working with adrian and sean...sifu'san! It's like back to school again...working with sifus and the gang. Groovy babey`

okay, shall have my hugh grant haircut once the saloon opens back for business. Till then...have a smashing day`

p.s. do keep the comments coming...sorry my fault, didn't know i had to publish the comments. Thanks guys :)